Caribbean street food

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Street: Bayliss Rd, park opposite Old Vic
Post Code: SE1 7RG

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Avg Price: £5
Menu: Barbecued jerk chicken always available, depending on day Beef Stew or Curry Goat with rice and peas. Served in a take away box with a simple salad. Awesome.

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This is probably one of the tastiest lunches to be had around Lower Marsh! I would call this caribbean, but maybe Jamaican is more correct? What is the difference? And who cares, the important part is that this chow is divine!

Enter the small park across the road from Old Vic, the easiest access is from Baylis Road. Next to the path, on weekdays (at least most weekdays), you should see a gazebo with a man and woman, busy barbecuing vast amounts of jerk chicken. 

The dish to go for here is in my opinion the beef stew with rice and peas, but that isn’t always on the menu. Depending on day of week, and I have yet to understand which day is what, they serve either the beef stew or curry goat. Both dishes are fantastic, but the beef stew has a deep spicy flavour that is one up on the curry.

If it is a sunny day, get a box (if you are hungry you can go large…) of the stew, find a spot to sit in the park and enjoy getting away from the fray for a while.

Suggested by Manne, thank you very much!

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  1. #1 by Manne - March 12th, 2009 at 21:26

    Just thinking of that beef stew makes my mouth water… I think it is Wednesdays that is beef day, but this seems to float around a bit.

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