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Frequent visitors to Borough Market probably know of the pieminister brand already since they have had a stall there for quite some time. As Weebl & Bob so aptly have pointed out in their inimitable style, “pie good“.

Pieminister are according to themselves and their “manifesto” firm believers in locally sourced natural ingredients. Making “great British food that tastes lovely” is what they are passionate about.

What started out in 2003 as a small two man band making pies for friends and festivals today delivers delicious pies to some of the best cafes, food halls and delis in the country. The shop in Gabriel’s Wharf sell the pies with a choice of vegetables, mash and gravy.

Read some of these pie names and tell me you don’t want to drop everything you are doing and go down to the Wharf straight away: minty lamb, chicken of arragon, thai chook, heidi pie, matador (chorizo and beef…), moo and blue (with stilton!)… Lovely.

In the summer Gabriel’s Wharf is a lovely place to go to have a browse through the designer shops, buy a treat and sit down among the outside tables and enjoy the sun and atmosphere. Great way to spend a relaxing lunch.

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Zeitgeist Lunchbox

Tacking “lunchbox” on to your name implies that you are physically rather small. This is a name aptly chosen. Push three customers in here, and it gets difficult to turn around. You will in other words not find any seating space here, it is purely takeaway.

Don’t let that deter you though, when it comes to acquiring your lunch this place is a real gem.

Not sure what the other half of the name alludes to, it being very German I can only assume that the origins of this place is firmly based in leberkäse, sauerkraut and wienerschnizel, but I think those days are gone. Zeitgeist has evolved, they no longer have a German slant on their food anyway (neither is this place mentioned on the Zeitgeist web site). Shame, I love sauerkraut.

What you will find though is two to three hot dishes (menu changes daily), a salad counter, pickled gherkins, nice bread and usually some sort of pudding (like a cake or similar treat). The warm dishes seem to usually be some sort of curry or stew with rice, roast potatoes and sausages… …and the piece de resistance, always on offer: a big slab of slow roast pork with amazing crackling!

Get the pork with potatoes, or if you like me follow a food philosophy low in carbs, with the tomato salad and a gherkin. Lots of food for a mere fiver, and it will keep you full well into the after work drinks session.


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Riverside Terrace Cafe

With a fantastic view over the Thames this is a great place to go for a simple and cheap bite to eat. Not sure if there is any associaiton to Canteen, on the other side of the building, but the food is indeed equally good albeit served in styrofoam cups proper canteen style over the cafeteria counter.

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Canteen Restaurant

Canteen looks like a cross between a school cafeteria and a minimalistic Scandinavian diner. Serving simple, traditional British food, their philosophy is clear: sustainable, seasonal, honest, fresh. 

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